Devising A Marketing Communications Strategy

Striking a balance between more traffic and more sales

As a company that thrives primarily on our search engine optimisation service, have excelled when it comes to delivering traffic and rankings for clients. Our existing client base has over 10,000 keywords on the first page of Google rankings, traffic is generally somewhere between good and exceptionally good, yet we’re left feeling we can do a lot more for our clients.

Some SEO companies sell optimisation as a product that delivers rankings and traffic and the mindset of savvy customers is to look at those offerings and select the best one – that seems logical enough but are rankings and traffic really what the market wants?

Ar, rankings and traffic are not a result, they are a means to an end – that end is a better return on investment – more dollars earned for every dollar spent. Our SEO service already delivers qualified traffic for a fraction of the cost of equivalent PPC campaigns, but we refuse to take that as an end result. We understand that our clients want increased conversions – more sales opportunities from that qualified traffic.

The Balancing Act Between SEO and Conversions

Most SEOs around the world recognise that optimisation efforts and conversion efforts are pulling in different directions in most instances. The standard approach is to ‘optimise’ a page to attract as much traffic is possible, but in many ways that’s counter-intuitive – more traffic doesn’t always result in more sales. Why?

It boils down to the assumption that all customers in a target market are influenced by the same factors in making a purchasing decision. In some instances, the product is so strong that landing on the page is enough to convert a decent percentage of website visitors into paying customers. This usually only occurs in situations of low competition or significant market dominance but even if you have that product, you should never be satisfied with any conversion rate (other than 100%).

In most cases in Australia, the message you present on-page is what will turn visitors into customers. You need to convey your value proposition in line with customer expectations, rather than what you perceive the value to be.

Merging conversions and your SEO strategy involves an advanced marketing communications strategy. It can be improved through in-depth research of buyer behaviour in your target market and by testing different designs, page layouts and on-page content. However it must be carried out without sacrificing the elements of your SEO strategy that got you the high rankings in the first place.

Talk to about an advanced marketing communications strategy

At we have helped hundreds of businesses to get a better return from their online investment. That comprehensive knowledge base, coupled with competencies in conversion rate optimisation, web design and marketing communications leaves us best placed to devise a marketing communications strategy to get you more sales from your qualified traffic. Call us today on 1300 650 274 to find out more!

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