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When it comes to any piece of writing, “all the world’s a stage” and your work can either be a hit or flop, like an 80s power ballad. Writing for the internet can be even trickier, with a tough crowd that’s both time and attention poor. Luckily, we’re here to help you create a masterpiece that’ll have everyone on the edge of their seats, or if not, something that’ll at least speak to who you’re writing for and engage them from start to finish. Cue, the audience persona

Creating an audience persona entails imagining the audience you want to reach and will consequently affect the style in which you write for them. While you won’t be getting down the minutiae of the person’s psyche you will be creating a general “Joe Bloggs” character whose characteristics and needs will be easily identifiable to write for. Here are some things you’ll need to consider when creating your targeted piece of work.

1# What’s the point of your writing?

You’ll need to know what you’re trying to achieve with your article. Is it to implore email sign ups, educate someone on a particular subject you have expertise on? Perhaps it’s just to get someone’s attention to turn to your company offering. No matter what it is, identify your key ambitions for your piece.

2# Know who you’re writing for

Here’s where you create the audience persona after following point #1. Imagine the person you’re writing to, what they’re needs are and why they may want to read your article in particular. Some things you’ll need to consider are their age, gender, location and any other relevant stats unique to your piece.

#3 The appropriate tone

Once your persona and goals are known, you’ll have to be sure that you’re using the appropriate tone in your writing for your audience. Are you writing something formal for an older group or will you go for informal slang to appeal to a younger crowd? Maybe you’ll want to employ a bit of comedy, which can be tricky. While “Dad jokes” clearly sit on the summit of ‘Humour Hill’, some (misled) people may not agree. But knowing your audience will make it so much easier to know what will most likely work.



Example Personas

Here are a few examples we came up with of company goals and the type of personas these people may be writing to.


You are: A protein shake company targeting young males who may buy your formula to bulk up.

Your Audience Persona: Young males aged 20 and above. Love competitive sports, fitness and are highly health conscious.

Your Writing: Funny, casual and up to date with current trends. References to “the gun show” should help sales.


You are: A tea company that makes speciality brews for elderly folks with arthritis.

Your audience: Older individuals who may have bone issues but are still active and healthy.

Your writing: Lifestyle writing that speaks to older people about having more freedom to enjoy their later years. *sips* Ahhh.


Your are: An educational body that targets corporate professionals who want to improve on their professional skills.

Your audience: Highly literate, educated and hard- working professionals in high profile positions.

Your writing: Articulate and clear, while boasting a vocabulary that would put a High Court judge to shame. Definitely NO SWEARING.


You are: A pet clothing company specialising in custom doggy fashion.

Your audience: Young females with a penchant for designer doggies and animal welfare.

Your writing: Fun, lighthearted but focused on the special connection between furry friends and their best girl!


Or boy….



We hope this helps you out with writing your content, no matter the platform! If you’ve got some examples of how your writing has really reached your audience, let us know below!

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