Matched Search Query Reports

Matched Search Query Helps PPC and SEO Campaigns

The matched search query report highlights the relationship between the keywords in your AdWords campaign and the exact match of the keywords that triggered your ad to appear on Google search results. If ads perform well for certain key phrases, it might be an idea to target these as exact match keywords in your ad campaign or perhaps add them to your search engine optimisation campaign.

The matched search query report is also important for identifying negative match PPC keywords. Negative match are keywords you don’t want to target – eg if you sell jet skis and have a broad match ad campaign around the term ‘jet skis’ you may notice a lot of search around ‘second-hand’ jet skis and may need to identify that as a negative match word or restrict the match type for the ‘jet ski’ keyword to phrase match.

Finding Matched Search Query in Google Analytics

To find your matched search query report, visit your Google Analytics account>Traffic Sources>Keywords>Select an individual keyword> Select ‘Clicks’ Tab >Select ‘Matched Search Query’ from the drop down tab to see the data for the chosen keyword.

You are likely to see that the keyword you are targeting isn’t exactly what people are searching for – this should help to identify new keyword opportunities for both your PPC and SEO campaigns, including cheaper alternatives to competitive PPC key phrases.

If your AdWords and Google Analytics accounts are not synced you will not be able to see the data in your Google Analytics account. However you can still view matched search query data through your Google AdWords account – under the keywords tab in any given Ad Group, click on ‘See Search Terms’ of your AdWords account interface.

Within AdWords, the data presented is slightly different to what you see through your Google Analytics account and will specify things like the number of impressions each of those long tail keyword variations generate.

Using Matched Search Query Reports

It’s worthwhile routinely checking this report to ensure the keywords you are targeting are delivering the best return on your investment. The data in your matched search query reports can highlight untapped opportunities for your business to generate extra traffic at a lower cost per click. When using the matched search query, it’s a good idea to use the longest available time frame to assess the data, or pick specific time periods if you have a seasonal business. This can be a great way of analysing buyer behaviour and changes in keywords used in the lead up to a busy period such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day etc. For example, closer to the date someone might search ‘last minute Valentine’s Day ideas.’

The matched search query report can be exported to Excel for download and analysed to identify the best performing keywords. These can then be used in your SEO or PPC campaign or both to generate more traffic and sales leads for your business.

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