Does it matter what I use as my domain name (website URL)

domain name extensions

There are many theories and answers behind this, but the short answer is no. It doesn’t matter as long as there is some relevance to either your brand name or at the very least your key product/service.

What should be considered before you decide on a domain name?

There are many ways a domain name is used and influences a digital campaign, most importantly the relevance it has to your business. If you’re domain name is “”, but you don’t sell or have anything to do with pizza, straight away your domain name becomes irrelevant and your digital campaign is off to a very bad start.

Historically speaking, keyword rich domain names such as “” worked really well as the keywords inside the domain name were a key indicator of the relevance of that website to the keyword.

However this created an issue. Many websites had 4-5 keywords in a single domain name – becoming difficult to remember and flooding search engines with poorly made websites just to rank for those keywords. A bad example would be something like “”. Talk about a mouthful!

When deciding on your next or new domain name, use our 3 step formula:

  1. 1. Try and include your brand name (sloppy joes, “”)
  2. 2. If your brand name as a domain name is already taken, add the industry/service type into the domain (sloppy joes pizza, “”)
  3. 3. If that isn’t available, look at adding your location or a much broader description of your services to your domain name (sloppy joes pizza Melbourne, “” OR sloppy joes pizzeria, “”)


If the domain name at the very least has some relevance to your business, you’re off to a good start.

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