Mobile Usage Fast Facts

Optimising content for mobile phones  is the new norm

Few people would realise it, but many Melbourne and Sydney residents enjoy the fastest mobile Internet speeds in the world.

A 2014 global study placed Australia first on the global rankings for mobile speeds and ninth on the list for coverage. These are two reasons for businesses in Australia’s biggest cities to cash in on the shift to mobile commerce.

And there are more stark stats that should make all online businesses wake up to the opportunities they could be missing if they don’t make the mobile web experience smooth and seamless for everyone.

With help from Google and Sensis, we’ve discovered 16 fast facts that bring the benefits of making websites mobile-friendly into sharp focus.

Mobiles Have Changed Consumer Behaviours

  • The Google-backed website Our Mobile Planet says more than 80% of Aussies use their mobile phones while watching TV. it’s no surprise that free to air networks leverage this by encouraging live engagement via social media channels like Twitter.
  • More than 78% of shoppers researched a product or service on their mobile phone before they buy.
  • 41% of mobile users have made a purchase directly on their phone.
  • Mobile advertisements are noticed by 86% of mobile users.
  • 65% of Smartphone users access the Internet every day.
  • Google claims that nearly one in three Smartphone owners would rather give up TV than their mobile.

Our Mobile Planet search engine  usage graph

Mobiles Change the Way People Shop

  • Almost two out of three Smartphone users have performed a mobile search after seeing an ad.This compares with 57% who saw an ad on TV, 41% in a magazine and 38% on a poster or billboard. The key take out is that a mobile works in conjunction with other advertising mediums because of its proximity, speed and ease of use. if a business can’t easily be found on Google because it’s website is not mobile friendly, most searchers will give up. Or worse, find the nearest competitor first!
  • 86% of Smartphone users notice mobile ads.
  • The ads are noticed most when mobile users are in an app (48%), on a website (44%), using a search engine (33%), or watching a video (29%)
  • 78% of Smartphone users have researched a product or service on their phone.
  • On mobiles, shoppers can research anywhere at any time. 57% of mobile users do this at home, while 54% do it on the move (walking or on public transport) and more than a quarter do their homework when they’re at work.
  • A little under half of Australia’s Smartphone owners have made a purchase on their phone and almost 60% of these have done it in the last month.

Internet searchers using mobile phones

Horses for Courses

Australians are smart when it comes to using different online devices for different purposes. The 2014 Sensis E-Business Report showed nearly 75% of Australians accessed the Internet on Smartphones and 50% used tablets. But we’re using different devices, for different purposes in different circumstances. For example:

  • Mobile phones are the weapon of choice to access location-based information. Local businesses should pay attention to this.
  • Consumers favour tablets when it comes to reading and shopping online.
  • While more people own phones than tablets, the gap is shrinking as more people shift to buying tablets rather than more expensive laptop and desktop computers.
  • But mobile phones continue to get larger in size, making it easier to perform most functions on a Smartphone.

The stats don’t lie. After April 21 websites that don’t look good or work well on a mobile phone won’t rank well on Google searches.

If your website is out of favour with a large slice of your potential customers, you could be out of business before you know why. Contact our web team if you would like us to help.

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