More SERP changes evident on Google

Stay ahead of Google SERP changes with a tailored SEO strategy

We have noticed a lot of change in Google SERPs lately. The biggest change of late has been the site links, which is something we discussed earlier this month as it poses problems for a number of businesses. If you haven’t read that post, check it out here.

The changes haven’t stopped there however as Google continues to roll out tests in both and One of the additions we have noticed appearing above search results is a list of products from appearing for the product searched.

Other additions to SERPs that we have noticed in recent days include options around specific consumer goods such as ‘golf clubs’ and ‘tennis shoes’. As you can see below, results are now displaying options to narrow the search by a particular brand, type and specific stores that sell that particular product.

These types of results have been returned for numerous searches including ‘mountain bikes’, ‘football boots’, ‘acoustic guitars’ and a number of other searches.

What do these new Google SERPs mean for Australian businesses?

Immediately the skeptics would suggest that both of these changes seem to be playing into the hands of bigger brands and established online stores and appear to be diminishing the opportunity for smaller companies to make an impact in the online space.

On the surface of it this may appear true but marketers can seize upon these new developments as an opportunity to deliver more tailored search results. For the most part, Google searchers who immediately opt to narrow their search by brand or by product type are closer to making a purchase and tapping into this should deliver increased conversions.

In effect it’s quite similar to the difference between broad match and exact match in Google AdWords – exact match (the refined search) are generally more lucrative keywords.

Competition is also likely to be fierce, so now is the time to get ahead of the curve. If you sell branded consumer goods, you need to optimise your site’s content in order for Google to deem your website relevant for those brands. Simply optimising your site for generic product terms won’t attract the traffic interest you are after.

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