My website guy does my SEO – 10 Reasons why he shouldn’t

Assuming that someone enjoys the work they do, most people are pretty good in their subject matter, and convincing too! In the vast world of information technology, there are the people that work in computer hardware, setting up and building computers, then there are those that work on the software, developing programs from operating systems to complicated online credit card facilities and even iPhone apps. Beyond this there the graphic and website designers who understand how to design websites and interfaces so that they look appealing.

Then, once you have all of the above set up, there are the search engine and online specialists, who now range from PPC gurus, to analytics, social media marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO) experts. The latter, online specialists, are focused on conversions, driving a return on investment, measuring success and optimising your website in such a way that it has the optimal effect on your bottom line through top search engine rankings.

How to advertise on Google the ROI way – SEO explained

Each one of the above specialists, when looking at a website or web page, will notice different things because of their professional prejudice and expertise. They are trained to focus on certain components that make them successful in their chosen field.

The PPC guru will look at how well your site has been set up to drive conversions.

The website designer may look at how visually pleasing the site is, its symmetry, whether the fonts work well together, if the boxes and lines on the page align.

The SEO specialists will notice whether the on page content has been optimised, if the URL infrastructure is search engine friendly, whether the page can be easily crawled and identified by the search engines.

Here are some common SEO mistakes made by people who do not specialise in SEO. Are there any on your website?

1. One-word keywords are the principal targeted keywords
2. The client is asked to provide and write all the website copy for the on page optimisation content
3. One of the first ‘strategies’ implemented is to submit the website to a large number of search engines
4. The same Title is used on every page of the website
5. Meta keyword tags are added to your website and the SEO is considered done
6. The sight is designed completely in Flash so the search engines cannot read it
7. Duplicate URLs are created for the same content
8. The client is asked which pages they would like optimised 
9. The site is built in frames and no problem is seen with this, even though the search engines cannot read frames
10. A list of SEO keywords are added at the top or bottom of your site and made a light, difficult to read colour, or just plain invisible (in white)

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