New Algorithm Change From Google

Latest algorithm update affects 35% of search results

Last week saw the introduction of another algorithmic change by Google. The latest update is quite significant in that it will reportedly affect 35% of web searches – although it’s primarily focused on time-sensitive searches, rather than specific products or services.

As well as last week’s announcement that AdWords would now appear at the bottom of Google search results as well as at the side and top, the algorithmic update is another change to SERPs that Australian marketers should be aware of.

The algorithm update will choose which user queries require the most up-to-date results, so the likes of recent events (such as the Melbourne Cup), known scheduled events (maybe the Australian Open tennis) and latest news will be refreshed more often than standard products or services or instructional how-tos.


In the example given on Google’s official blog post, if a user searches for ‘Olympics’ then the likelihood is that they are searching for information on next year’s event, rather than something on the history of the Olympic Games.

The latest algorithm update is said to build upon the momentum of Google’s Caffeine infrastructure and will impact upon 35 percent of searches – essentially Google will be able to grade a search on the need for up-to-date information.  

What does this algorithm change mean for Australian businesses?

The latest Google algorithm change, as stated above, focuses on time-sensitive searches – specific events, either past or forthcoming or news events.

For marketers of many products and services, this isn’t likely to be a major issue as the search results should remain fairly similar. It’s also worth bearing in mind that Google initially stated that a single digit % of searches would be affected by Google SSL – which was off the mark considerably, so don’t underestimate what is likely to be affected by this update.

However if you are marketing products or services that relate to a specific event or time of year – for instance ‘Melbourne Cup accommodation deals’ or ‘Christmas party catering’ then timeliness is an issue and your promotion of that product or service may need a refresh in order to be visible at the right time.

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