New Google Instant Site Previews

Google Instant Site Previews has an improved look

Google Instant Previews have been on the go for close to a year now – they were introduced to improve searcher satisfaction with the results they clicked on. When introduced, they gave a snapshot of the web page listed in the SERPs, allowing clients to see the layout of a web page and read a snippet of text from the relevant (usually with the searched keywords bolded.)



The previous version of instant previews was a convenient addition for searchers, allowing them to determine the quality of a site in terms of layout and relevance, but the new version certainly puts an onus on website owners to really make a first impression – not only with their homepage but with every page of their website.

Google Instant Previews are now readable in SERPs

With the newest version of Instant Previews we are seeing of late, using the Google Chrome browser, searchers can get a more accurate picture of the page they may be considering clicking through to.

Also, instead of clicking on a magnifying glass to enable the instant site preview, an arrow appears beside the search results and displays the site preview in a larger format beside the list of search results.

As you can see for the below search for a common search phrase for Sydney psychologists – the instant page preview takes up a bigger portion of the screen and company logos, headings and even regular page content are readable in SERPs. This allows searchers to quickly evaluate and compare competing websites on the basis of appearance.


Instant Preview underlines the importance for conversion-based thinking

This new variation of Google instant previews underpins the need for quality landing pages and a targeted layout for every page on your site that has the potential to rank in SERPs.

If searchers can now determine the relevance and appeal of your website prior to even visiting the site, then the quality of page layout and the value of content becomes an increasingly relevant factor.

All pages should be considered as online shop fronts – your chance to make a big impression on the virtual High Street and attract more customers through conversion-based marketing concepts.

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