What’s the New Update to Google’s Webmaster Tools?

Update to Google Webmaster Tools – Better Data, Better Analysis

With improvements to Google’s Webmaster Tools link data we’re seeing broader and more diverse results

Recently, Google announced improvements to Webmaster Tools. So what were the changes made and how it has it allowed for better analysis of link data? Don’t know much about Webmaster tools? Read the introduction to Google’s Webmaster Tools.

The Changes

In the past links were sorted alphabetically so when you went to download the links as an excel file you wouldn’t get a complete picture of your link profile because you would get cut off at Hsomething.com. Links still get cut off after 100,000 (which may seem a lot) but you’re getting a broader and more diverse range of links because Google now offers a selection of URLs from A to Z (instead of just all of them up to H) It’s like offering a colourful box of pencils instead of just 2 colours in various shades.

What’s the New Update to Google’s Webmaster Tools?

How it Helps

You wouldn’t do a survey of the entire Australian population and only give results of people aged 0 – 15 would you? The entire Australian population covers more than that so you would show selections of results across all age groups. Webmaster works in the same way. More link samples means a more accurate profile of your links. This helps with link clean ups and just having a better understanding of how links are working within your Search Marketing strategy.

The Future

Google is continuing to improve the user experience in Webmaster Tools including the recent additions of the Penalty “manual action viewer” which allows webmasters to see if their site has been penalised by the Penguin Algorithm or if Google’s Web Spam Team have manually penalised them (and why for example Keyword stuffing, cloaking etc).

Google’s asking for more and more feedback from Webmaster Tool users to create a better user interaction and a better experience. At roi.com.au we’re looking forward to future improvements to Google’s Webmaster Tools so we can provide more comprehensive data and analysis as a part of our Australian SEO services.

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