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Q. If I am setting up a new website, is it better to submit articles and links and boost SEO before it is live?

A. As a brand new website might take weeks or even months of SEO work before getting a top 10 ranking, you might think it is a good idea to start search engine optimisation for a new website before it is live.  Since on-page optimisation isn’t available until your site is online, your only avenue for SEO at this point is building backlinks to your new site’s domain name.

However there is a problem! You have no website to link to… In fact most web directories will not accept a broken link and the same applies for article directories. So posting articles (or links) prior to the opening of your new website isn’t likely to be very effective if you have no website or content that the link points to.

How to SEO a New Website Before it Goes Live

If you are able to create a holding page on what will be your home page for your domain name, you will be able to generate some links into this page and have Google getting used to indexing the page before your new website goes live. This strategy works best if you create some content for your holding page that is relevant for what will be your targeted keywords when you begin your full SEO campaign on your new site.

If Google finds relevant, unique content this will help to bring value to your new domain name and with inbound links to the home page of the domain you can be ranking for longer tail keywords even before your main website is live!

You can even leverage this page and build anticipation for the main website’s opening, by posting notices on blogs, forums and social networks to get visitors interested in your site launch. Because of this preliminary work Google will be much more likely to start recognising your site as being popular and react much more quickly when the main website is live. This can shave a few weeks off having to wait for Google to find and index your website and begin to award you with search engine rankings.

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