Yahoo’s New CEO – What Does it Mean for Search?

Yahoo logoGoogle’s 20th employee Marissa Mayer was announced as the new CEO of Yahoo yesterday, a surprise to many in the industry. Mayer had been at Google since 1999 and worked on a number of major projects, most recently of which was the changes to Google’s local search offerings. She was vice president of Google’s local and location services before accepting her new position at Yahoo.

The appointment was seen as a coup for Yahoo, with many pundits thinking that Mayer was out of the struggling Internet giants reach. Mayer’s work ethic is said to be amazing, something which she’ll need to embed should Yahoo win back some of its dwindling market share.

What will Mayer’s appointment mean for search?

marissa mayer yahoo ceoIn the short term, not a whole lot. Google will continue to reign and Bing will try to chip away at it’s lead slowly but surely. Google will sorely miss Mayer’s high standard of work, with all reports from inside the company saying that everything she has touched has turned to gold – from search right through to local products.

Losing a vice president of one of the largest areas of your business is not good news for any business, but you feel Google will be able to find a ready-made replacement. Nonetheless, it seems they have lost a pivotal member of their team.

Will this appointment have any impact on Australian businesses?

It will be a watch this space scenario. You can expect Mayer to make some key changes to Yahoo’s products and services, which is something to definitely keep an eye on. Whether this is in the search realm or more targeted to other supporting products remains unclear.


Industry pundits are tipping that Yahoo may move away from the search field and focus more on it’s other products. The company is too far gone to start challenging Google & Bing for search again, so the thought process is that Mayer will look to do a Facebook – have search as one of Yahoo’s functions, but focus largely on it’s other products and services.

We’ll keep you up-to-date!

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