4 Instagram Hacks You Need To Know for 2019

by: Kim Boxhall 2.5 min read

With Instagram and IOS updates coming out more and more frequently, don’t get left behind in the digital dust with your marketing strategy. While most articles cover the same hacks over and over, here are some new tips that will get you ahead of the game! You can thank us later.

#1 Hashtag Hack:

Ever get sick of having to type in your hashtags individually when you’ve posted a picture?  You can actually change the settings in your phone to automatically paste all your hashtags into a comment section just by typing a particular word which triggers the predictive text; uploading your 30 tags in one fell swoop. Here’s how…

  1. On your iphone go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement
  2. Then click on the + sign in the upper right hand corner
  3. In Phrase type your 30 hashtags
  4. In Shortcut give it a name and then SAVE

Yes, we love you too.


#2 Save for later portfolio (mood board)

Gone are the days where you’d have to awkwardly screen-cap videos or photos in order to save ideas for later. The new archival tab allows you to do just that. Allowing you the opportunity to save space in your photo album and keep your ideas and inspiration in one place for easy access. Great for creating mood boards, files of inspiration or just saving recipes you want to try later on.  Kind of like Pinterest but on Instagram!

#3 Tell stories with STORIES

Not just for pretty girls showing off boring boomerangs of them pouting at the camera. While most people use the “story feature” to show one off videos of their day, some companies have taken the title seriously and started creating scene by scene videos like Turning pages of a story book. One of our favourite Instagram story campaigns was by cult classic TV series, Stranger Things’ Instagram. As a recap of last year before the debut of season 2, the group partnered with local artists to create visuals that told the Stranger Things story with adorable results. Here’s a snippet below of how it turned out!


#4 Additional URL’s attached to your page

While Instagram allows you to showcase one URL on   your account, a recent plugin allows you to now install more than one. However, remember that less is more, so inundating your followers with heaps of URLs may appear spammy and affect your credibility. This is a great option to showcase 2 to 3 URLS at once, but no more.

You can find the app here.


With these new ideas in mind, be sure to send through some of the creative stories you’ve come up with. We’d love to hear how our blogs have helped and would love to start creating a community of information sharing that can help us better write for your needs! For more tips on marketing, why not view some of our other pieces here.


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