7 Tips to Make Your New Website Fly

by: Ewan Watt 2.7 min read
roi growth agency blog 7 tips to make your new website fly

These 7 brilliant tips will help make your new or re-designed website take-off!

Updating your website and improving its presentation should be something your business invests in every 3 months.

It’s a bit like cleaning up your room or renovating certain parts of your house.

Your business is evolving and your website needs to reflect this.

Updating or improving your website does not have to be a massive re-design. Website re-designs are a big investment in time, money and resource. As a rule website re-designs should only be considered every 3-4 years.

There are so many quick wins available from your current site, such as:

  • Updating content & imagery on your highest traffic pages
  • Simplifying enquiry buttons on your site
  • Reducing the size of your images to improve site speed
  • Improving site user flow in between your web pages
  • Changing the imagery on your home page

roi growth agency blog 7 tips to make your new website fly

However, if you are in the process of a website re-design, these 7-tips will help your new website fly forwards; not backwards!

  1. Prepare and share the new site map with the agency handling the SEO of your website
  2. Invest in a website migration plan at least 4 weeks before the launch of your new site
  3. Identify the highest traffic pages on your current site and have clear plan of where you would like this traffic to go on your new site
  4. Identify and re-direct all of the internal and external links to your new website pages to avoid broken links and losing high value links pointing to your site
  5. Implement a new keyword strategy for all your highest traffic pages
  6. Re-work the content & imagery on those web pages with high exit rates. A high exit rate is anything more than 50%
  7. Calculate existing traffic benchmarks on all the important parts of your site, so when the new site goes live you can quickly see where you are up or down

What happens when you a great plan for a website re-design and a solid SEO site migration plan?

Client – Bowen Group

Website: www.bowengroup.com.au

New Website Result – Traffic Up, Leads up 50%, conversion rate up 15%

Client Feedback Below:

“The Bowen Group chose ROI.com.au for the re-design of our site due to their strong track record in helping us in website conversion. The team at ROI.com.au developed a unique approach which benchmarked our traffic and conversion rates per segments. We also developed customer persona’s for each segment of the site.The results from our new site our amazing. I am pleased to say within the first month we have seen an improvement of 15% in conversion rate with a further 50% improvement in conversions. The new sales opportunities generated have paid off our website investment within the first month. Fantastic work – Team ROI”

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