Crusts and Curly Hair

by: Bilal Ali 1.6 min read

I’m not quite sure how I started believing that if I ate the crusts on my toast my hair would turn curly. 

Being the youngest of three brothers I was an easy target. I spent way too much time at the breakfast table, carefully cutting the crusts and making sure there were no hints of “dark brown” on my Vegemite on toast.

With all that effort would I really look that bad with curly hair?

When it comes to SEO, are you really going to go out of business if you do not rank on the first page for certain keywords?

Let’s consider the following:

  • Mobile search is growing strongly and google my business listings are often listed higher than organic listings on the first page of Google
  • Google is not running out of keywords, 15% of searchers are new every day, that’s 500 million new searchers per day

Don’t forget:

  • The first page of Google for high traffic keywords is generally dominated by big brands or content publishers or aggregators
  • All of your competition are chasing the same high traffic keywords from the same keyword tools.

A Stat to Consider – Long Tail Keywords:

  • Approx 40% of search traffic is generated by 1.9 billion keywords that generate less than 1000 searchers per month


So as your sit at the desk today thinking about the best SEO strategy for your business, consider this:

The New Frontier of Keywords – Auto-Suggest

Perhaps the new frontier of long tail keywords represents the best opportunity to grow your business and connect with more of the right customers. You just need a fresh approach and thinking.

If you want some help unlocking new long tail keyword trends for your business, drop us a note.

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