Stop asking this one marketing question…

by: Ewan Watt 1.3 min read

Stop asking this one marketing question…

We all want to know what % of our advertising is working. However, most businesses ask the wrong question:

Where did you hear about us?

The problem with this question is:

  • Most people hate filling out surveys, so just click the default option.
  • Most surveys have the previously most popular source at the top, skewing the data.
  • Most people can’t remember what that clicked on an hour ago.
  • Most people click on multiple digital channels so there is duplication.
  • Method of contact such as website, phone or walk in further dilutes the data.

Where Did You Hear About Us is generally flawed data and does not help you know where you should spend your advertising.

Particularly when you consider only 10% of leads generally turn into sales (which is another 90% defect in the data) and the ultimate goal is to find out what part of your advertising is driving sales.


A better way to find out what % of your advertising is working is:

  • Awareness – Use Google Analytics and track leads via source over a minimum period of 6 months
  • Lead Generation – Ask your sales team to start asking every new lead – what influenced you to contact us today?
  • Actual Sales – Run a post sales survey to all your new clients asking they chose your business?

At ROI we help our clients understand exactly WHERE their leads are coming from – without asking the question.

Drop us a note at [email protected] and let’s explore what areas of advertising are working best for your business.

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