The Evolution of Aussie SMB’s & What This Means For Your Marketing Approach

by: Ewan Watt 2.5 min read

There have been so many changes to Aussie SMB over the past 5 years, it can be challenging to keep up.

What are the best ways to not only stay afloat, but actually tackle this ever changing world of modern business communications?

This month PWC published a report for Google on how Australian SMB’s were using new digital tools and marketing trends to grow their businesses.

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The following 3 big trends were clear to see:


1. There are more Aussie SMB’s starting now than ever before.

That means, there are a lot more little fish in the sea, fighting over the same audience. In fact, Australia has seen a 3.4% increase in actively trading businesses since 2017.
















2. There is a much bigger % of marketing budgets being spent on digital advertising.

Digital is the way to go, and everyone is starting to act on it… fast. 















3. Hence, investments in traditional advertising is rapidly declining.

Say goodbye to Free to Air TV, Radio & Newspaper Advertising. The future is looking more and more online only.

So, what do these trends mean for your business?

1. There’s a huge saturation of small businesses meaning more competitors than ever before.

2. Lots more of that competition has an online presence.

3. Meaning there are a lot more options available for your customers to choose from.

Where’s the opportunity for your business to succeed in this saturated market?

1. It is much easier to measure what is working and what is not.

2. There is more opportunity to cost effectively invest and target select audience groups.

3. Therefore it is the perfect time to try new ideas and find where can best invest your advertising dollars.


So what do we suggest?

Every business is different when it comes to the best way to approach their audience against competitors. However, the clients we see having the most success from their digital marketing and website are doing the following:

✔ A clear focus and commitment to their primary target market

✔ As well as developing unique & different marketing strategies for new audiences

✔ Continuously investing and trialling new ideas in digital media channels

And most importantly, making a dedicated investment to re-marketing, website conversion and always following up sales leads.


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