Want to Catch Bigger Fish?

by: Kathryn Van Buerle 2.0 min read


Want to Catch Bigger Fish?
In the past week, I have spoken to 10 different businesses who were:

  • Frustrated by their AdWords results
  • Were not making an ROI from their AdWords spend

They have not been reaching the “bigger fish”. Bigger Fish being higher value customers which pay the bills and grow your profits.

Like me, they have spending time on the beach thinking life is short, why I am spending so much time on this low value stuff 2019 is going to be different.

 To reach and close sales from “bigger fish”, you need to have experience catching “big fish” and without that experience you may find yourself trying to catch Marlin with worms.

Below are rookie mistakes that DON’T catch big fish:

  • Chase clicks and volume
  • Spend all your budget on AdWords
  • Think the cost of Linked In clicks is too high
  • Expecting big fish to buy straight away
  • Expecting to get high value leads for the same cost as low value leads

A question for you… Would you spend $1000 to have the chance to win a 100K job?

The answer is yes, so why is chasing a cost per lead target of $50 relevant?  It’s not, plus it takes you away from catching big fish.

Also, big fish have become immune to click bait, click funnels, so you need to do more than just implement marketing automation to win the big deals. Don’t be seduced by lead nurturing mumbo jumbo.
If you honestly think a big fish can’t smell a nurturing funnel and recognise laziness, stop reading.

On the flip side, if you want go marlin fishing, here what’s you need:

  • Recognise you need a completely different approach to catching big fish compared to small fish (no crossover)
  • Big fish are defined by long term strategic value, not short-term transactional measures
  • Develop a deep understanding of your target audience, their needs; and how your organisation creates value (beyond your testimonials and success stories)
  • Modifying your sales & marketing approach to the user, economic and technical buyer
  • Investing in your brand, capabilities, case studies to ensure big fish can see you can do the job
  • Develop new digital forward success indicators that are aligned to strategic sales prices

Want to catch more big fish? Drop me a note. We can help

Thanks for reading.

Wishing you every success in 2019!

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