We just improved this landing page by 700%! Find out our secret…

by: Ewan Watt 0.8 min read

It’s one thing to get people ‘landing’ on your page.

It’s another to have them really ‘take off’ into valuable sales leads… 🚀🚀🚀



We hear a lot of new businesses say “yes, we already have a landing page” when asked where they direct their digital marketing traffic. 

But in an era where online customer attention is fiercely competitive, it’s no longer enough to simply ‘have’ a landing page. It’s about making sure your page is actually converting into quality leads for your business. 

Recently we improved the conversion rate for this client’s landing page by a massive 700%.

And, their cost per lead went down 88%. 

See how we did in this 3 minute video:



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