When a bad idea becomes a good idea 💡

by: Ewan Watt 2.6 min read

Recently one of our clients wanted to accelerate their sales growth in one of their locations. They asked our team at ROI for a strategy that would grow their sales & market share within the next 2 months.

With already a 10% click through rate and 14% click to lead conversion rate, further growth was not going to be easy.

Nonetheless; we were up the challenge!


First, we brainstormed ideas with the client:
💡 Analysing the competition
💡 Developing 4-5 different concepts
💡 Identified 4 distinct types of customers
💡 Critiqued the current value proposition & web design

The result: An amazing new landing page with better calls to action, tailored content for each audience segment. We thought we nailed it 👌

The problem: 24hrs into the campaign, we saw some warning signs. The page was converting at less than 3%, albeit on a small subset of traffic. We increased the traffic so that 50% was going to the old page and 50% to the new page. Still at 6%.. Ah, its must be the weekend. We gave it until midday Monday. ⏰

The Conundrum: What do we do? We are only 3 days into a test, the conversion rate is 50% down on the previous. Do we stick it out or abort? 😰

Plan B: We decided that we were too far off, and maybe the majority of the market were ‘price and delivery’ driven. So we backtracked and went opposite to the solutions approach: we simplified the page and made the price cheaper. 💡

The Real Resulta 30% lift in conversion rate and phone calls ☎️.
Even better we changed the lead collection form to include customer profile information, which is really improving the sales follow up process. 


See the great landing page for our client at lp.tigercontainers.com/sydney-quote/



What are our tips?


For Business Owners:

✅ Every 3-6 months you should try something completely different

✅ Use agencies to try new ideas whilst your in-house team focuses on the bread and butter

✅ Don’t be flippant on Ad Spend: demand your agency or team treat Ad dollars like their own

✅ Save on Ad Spend and invest in new concepts and win market share

✅ Always work to improve your website conversion rate and lead-to-sale conversion rates to improve profitability per sale


For Marketing Managers:

✅ Let Agencies take the risk and accountability for new campaigns. This innovation will help grow the company and accelerate your career faster.

✅ Recognise that you can’t implement everything with a finite budget and resources. Set up a new test and innovation budget to give you the flexibility and fun to run with your ideas. 

✅ Be open to new ideas outside your industry perspective. Agencies like ROI.com.au work in many other very competitive markets, where some of these ideas can be leveraged by your business. 


Want a free growth idea for your business? Send me an email and I will send you one personally…. for no cost!

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