Why are website conversions so low?

by: Ewan Watt 0.8 min read

… and what can you do about it?

A scary thing we often hear at ROI is businesses saying: “My website and landing pages are done”. This is far from true; what was working for your business in 2019 may not be in 2020. The recent news of Holden closing down is one example of just how fast things can change.

A lot of businesses don’t realise this – we hear about a lot of sales teams who are investing in ongoing sales coaching, but not working on their website. Thinking the work is “done” often means missing out on new strategies and ways to improve… maybe this is why the average website conversion rate is only 1% – 2%.

Luckily, this is the easiest number to grow on your website. How? 

Our team discuss some of the ways we help our clients get leads, and tactics for Website Conversion Rates in 2020.

Why are website conversions so low?

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