Why do some websites slow down the sales process?

by: Ewan Watt 0.8 min read

Even with all the latest website tools and features, the latest B2B stats show that sales leads times are taking longer than ever. Why?

Today Ewan & Mark sit down to discuss why some websites are slowing down the sales process, and how thinking like a consumer can really change your game. 



We cover:

  • Why the average ‘sales to lead’ time can be blown out to over 6 months
  • The reason why so many potential customers are ‘ghosting’ your sales team
  • What distractions customers are running into on your website
  • Most common ways we see businesses over complicate their website messages
  • Why businesses often get caught up in their own product/service
  • Real example – delivering a 500% better result in quality leads


Hope you like the video, and get some valuable insights. If you want some help or advice, drop us a note at [email protected]

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