Why don’t you reply to my emails?

by: Ewan Watt 3.0 min read

Why don’t you reply to my emails?


It’s really frustrating me, the time I spend writing emails for “no response”.

Time for some self reflection:

  • I added you to our email list over the past 13 years, a bit has changed since then.
  • I should have segmented and cleaned my email list, but didn’t.
  • I should have collected your mobile number, but didn’t.
  • I probably sent a generic email that looked the same as every other digital marketing company.
  • In this busy world, I am guilty of not always meeting the sales follow up disciplines I aspire to.
  • I probably was not clear on how you could engage with me and roi.com.au

In 2019, some big frustrations and challenges for sales teams are:

  • Email lead – no reply, not contactable
  • Voicemail – no call back
  • Send proposal – no reply

So how good is your sales team’s follow up?

I have developed a scorecard below:

✘   FAIL 

  • Your website only says thanks for your enquiry when you submit your details
  • Sales team contacts the lead after 1 hour has passed
  • Sales only leaves a voicemail message
  • Sales sends a generic email with their contact details
  • Sales hounds the customers and calls the customer over 5 times with 5 left messages
  • Sales forgets to ask the role of the person and why they inquired
  • Sales does not provide a discussion summary with clear next steps after first call or meeting
✔   PASS
  • Your website collects the role of the person within the sales lead & generates an auto email with contact options and next steps when the customer submits their details
  • Sales makes either phone or email contact to the lead inside one hour
  • Voicemail messages from Sales are followed by personal email with suggested times to connect
  • Sales send personal mobile text messages with suggested time to connect
  • Sales makes 3 quality follow up attempts via phone, email & text message within 72 hours of receiving the lead
  • Sales sends personal note the following week if no contact made
  • Sales adds the lead to your email marketing list if no contact made within 2 weeks
  • Sales always provides a meeting summary at the conclusion of each contact with suggested next steps and asks for reciprocal commitments from customer.

OUTSTANDING Sales Follow Up 🙌

Achieve all the minimum sales disciplines from the “pass” list, plus:

  • Your website enquiry form collects and mirrors all your fields in your CRM
  • Your website thank you page showcases your best work relevant to the customer profile with proactive suggestions of next steps
  • Your sales team reviews the linked in profile of the lead, the company’s website and sends email outlining relevant examples of how you have helped similar people or businesses
  • Your sales team proactively makes email & phone contact within 30 minutes of receiving the lead
  • Your sales team asks the customer their preferred way of communication and moving discussions forward
  • Your sales team makes personal insights on what the current person or business is doing well and why they were impressed
  • Your sales team unlocks both the business and personal motivation of the lead in their first or second follow up contact
  • Your sales team mutual agrees on communication milestones upon first contact or meeting

Want to turn more leads into sales?

Think you or your sales team can improve their follow up? Want to learn what other businesses are doing that’s working with sales follow up?

I am hosting a sales follow up workshop in Melbourne at our offices in Hawthorn next Thursday at 12.30pm.

Its free! If you would like to attend, just drop me a note.

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