Over 16% of Google Analytics data is (not provided)

Since this article was published Google has taken further steps to protect user privacy with (Not Provided) almost reaching 100%.  Read more about what you can do about (Not Provided) in Google Analytics here.

A recent study conducted by the team at roi.com.au has found that on average, 16.40% of a website’s Google Analytics data is made up of (not provided) results. Over 550 websites were included as a part of the study, which has been run every month since November, 2011.

not provided data table

It was also found that almost 90% of websites have 10% or more of their data listed as (not provided). This number was at just under 40% back in March and 75% in April.

20% of websites surveyed have over 20% of their data listed as (not provided). This was at 2% in March and 7% in April. Increases from June to July haven’t been major, largely due to the lack of major changes to Google’s operations. Only 1% of the websites surveyed featured no (not provided) data.

One website experienced a whopping 55% of (not provided) data in it’s Analytics results – the highest percantage found in the study.

Events that impacted (not provided) data:

not provided data graph

What does this study mean for Australian businesses?

As mentioned in other (not provided) articles, this increase will mean that the amount of resource available to analyse will be diminished. This is a severe disadvantage for DIY webmasters who rely on Google Analytics data to structure campaigns. Digital marketing companies, like roi.com.au, aren’t in as dire circumstances as we have extensive data storage and in-house tools available to ensure that we are still able to conduct thorough analysis of our client’s websites.

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