Number One On Google Searches

How to Get Number One on Google Search

Everyone with a website wants to know how to get to number one on Google searches. The simple answer is invest time and plenty of effort over a prolonged period of time. Getting to number one on Google searchs is the same as any industry – it doesn’t happen overnight. Coca-Cola isn’t the number 1 soft drink on the planet by fluke. We could use the Tiger Woods analogy too, but you get the picture – time, effort, dedication, commitment and importantly, patience.

What terms do you want to be number one on Google for?

It can be easy to get to number one on Google for many search terms – the problem is there is no value if nobody is searching using that term. There are SEO companies who will promise to get you to number one in Google’s search results but if the search isn’t relevant to your business, where is the point? It is important to research your target market accurately and identify the terms they are using to find the products or services you offer.

What will a number one Google ranking bring?

If you make it to number 1 in search results on Google, you will receive a significant increase in traffic – a threefold increase in jumping that last spot from #2 to #1 alone. If the jump you make is from lower down the first page of from an internal page, then the difference in traffic will be far greater.

Your SEO strategy can put you number one on Google searches

A good SEO strategy isn’t just the best path to number one in Google – it’s the only path. Organic listings cannot be bought, it’s simply a matter of hard work. A good SEO strategy sources quality external links from relevant sources such as directories, trade bodies and government sites. It also involves writing compelling, keyword-rich site content and updating it regularly – this makes the necessary impression on website visitors and on Google and this leads to better rankings. Sustaining this approach over time gets number one rankings – the length of time required will depend on the competitive nature of your industry or particular niche.

Quickest Route to #1 on Google searches

There is no quick fix to getting to the top of the pile on Google’s search results but the fastest way is to invest in a proven search engine marketing company. Piggybacking off the search engine optimisation expertise of ensures that your company has access to the resources and  experience of the experts – we know how to put your business first!

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