On-Page Optimisation Checklist

Ten important factors for on-page SEO

Here are ten important on-page SEO factors for Australian website owners which when done correctly, will help to ensure you get better results from your search engine optimisation campaign.

1. Title Tag – make sure your title tag includes keywords and your brand name. Don’t overdo keywords, stick to the 70 character limit (including spaces) and don’t use the same title tag twice.

2. SEO friendly URLs – The configuration of URLs should contain business categories and key phrases rather than numbers and random characters

3. www. versus non-www. – This is an important item often overlooked. Set the domain redirect using  .HTACCESS (or similar) and specify your preferred domain in Google Webmaster Tools. It’s also important to consider the www. or non-www. when linking to your site.

4. Headings – Using <h1> and <h2> tags for headings and sub-headings. Preferably there should be just one <h1> tag per page and keywords should be included in these headings.

5. Bold Keywords – Using <b></b> or <strong></strong> tags to emphasise keywords is also worthwhile, just don’t go overboard bolding every second word on the page.

6. Image ALT tags – Ideally every image should have a SEO friendly description as the tag and different tags for each image on a page.

7. Sitemap – A XML sitemap is important to make it easier for Google to crawl and index your content.

8. Internal linking – Link relevant anchor text to internal pages and blog articles where possible. Again don’t overdo internal links, as it can start to look untidy. For more on internal linking, read here.

9. Images & flash – Be sure that on page text is not part of an image and avoid flash websites wherever possible as Google can’t read the content, which means they can’t determine what your site is about.

10. Geographic Target – Has your geographic target been set to Australia in Google Webmaster Tools? If not you will find it more difficult to rank well in search results.

If you can consistently get these on-page optimisation factors right, your SEO campaign will improve and generate more traffic to your website – provided you are not involved in black-hat SEO practices within your off-page optimisation efforts. For more advanced and in depth strategy enquire about roi.com.au’s many Search Engine Optimisation services.

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