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Growing your brand is a fundamental element of business growth

Your brand is your business identity, every business has one – either a brand that has been proactively built over the lifetime of a business or a brand that grows organically. Whether you opt to manage how your brand grows or not, your target market and the public at large develop a perception of what your brand represents. Changing that perception is a huge task, so it makes more sense to tackle brand management from the outset.

Proactive management of how your brand develops presents an opportunity to create the way in which your business is perceived by your target audience. If your business is already well-established it can be difficult to change perceptions but online marketing can present an opportunity to establish the brand you want. The internet opens new markets to most businesses, so creating your desired brand amongst that new audience can eventually have a positive effect on how your brand is viewed by your existing audience.

Promote what you do best and know your target market

There is little point investing in a stylish new website or costly advertising if your products and services don’t live up to the billing. Drops in sales and profits are not always as a result of not advertising enough or not offering enough promotions or special offers. Even consistent special offers can appear hollow to savvy consumers.

Take a critical look at your business and how it meets the needs of customers – what you do best is an essential element of creating your brand. Getting a profile of your target audience (or the majority of your audience) in terms of age, gender, marital status, location etc. will allow you to tailor how you communicate the benefits of your product or service.

Take a consistent approach to communicating what your brand means

Your website and your entire web presence is the most cost-effective channel of communication for your business, so use it to your advantage. Your brand should be consistently represented across your website, social media platforms such as Facebook, your blog and any external directories you may be listed on.

Your ad copy on PPC ads, the title tags and meta descriptions of your web pages and your Facebook page should bear one or more of the following: your company name, slogan, products and services and wherever possible, your corporate logo. The last thing you want when someone Google’s your brand name is seeing a competitor listed ahead of you, so optimising your brand as part of your Google optimization campaign is important.

Online copy should consistently demonstrate and promote your competitive advantage – whether it’s delivering quality, better prices, better customer service, speed or whatever your company is about. This should be consistently applied to any publication about your company whether on or offline.

Look to offline opportunities to enhance your brand online

While the internet offers a cost-effective means of building widespread brand awareness, linking that effort to offline initiatives can quickly establish an improved level of trust for your brand.

You may have a long-term business relationship with a well-known local or national brand – bringing that relationship online through social media sites such as Facebook or business networking sites like LinkedIn can prompt a prospective customer to look upon your business more favourably.

Similarly, encouraging staff members and other stakeholders to ‘Like’ your business on Facebook can build trust among potential customers and extend the reach of your brand quite quickly through extensive social networks.

Make sure the brand you are promoting is the brand you know

Before investing effort in driving brand awareness through online channels, be confident that your understanding of what your brand means is consistent with what your customers perceive your brand to be. If your view and your customers’ view are not similar, you have a dilemma – you either need to reposition that brand and change the mindset of your target market or accept your customers view and tailor your marketing efforts accordingly.

The value of building a brand online for Australian businesses

The online approach to brand building is cost-effective and fast but it should not be isolated from offline efforts. It involves more than throwing money at adverts but if done successfully, it can make acquiring customers a much easier process. Customers tend to stay loyal to brands that have been built more so than brands that just happen.

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