Organic Cost-per-Click

What is your organic cost per click?

As with any investment, business owners are always looking to get a positive return on their internet marketing outlay. It’s something we are asked about everyday here at – how do I know if the money I spend on search engine optimization (SEO) and online marketing is really worth it?

To answer this and demonstrate the value of search engine optimization, we work out a business’ organic cost per click.

How do you determine organic CPC?

By taking how much a client pays for their SEO campaign each month and dividing it by the amount of non-brand organic searches generated to the website, we are able to determine just how much each visit is costing our clients. As in AdWords and pay-per-click advertisements, having a dollar value placed against your SEO campaign enables you to determine just how strongly it is performing and allows you to draw comparisons with other marketing initiatives.

A low organic CPC means that you are getting a strong level of traffic for your monthly spend. One of the principal advantages of online marketing over traditional advertising methods is the ability to measure the cost accurately.

No other form of advertising demonstrates its value in terms of cost and return on investment. Within online marketing, AdWords is charged at a cost-per-click but search engine optimization tends to deliver traffic at a far more favourable cost-per-click – in fact organic cost-per-click usually tends to cost a fraction of the same key phrase in AdWords. strives for low organic costs-per-click for all our clients operates with this mentality in mind, working to keep your company’s Organic CPC as low as possible to ensure maximum return on investment is being achieved.

This approach alleviates any confusion customers may have when it comes to SEO and search engine marketing, providing them with a general guide to track how their campaign is faring. This also enables us to outline to clients possible chances to grow and expand their search engine marketing focus on the back of positive results.

Learn more about Organic CPC with our expert team

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