Outsource SEO, or Keep it In House?

Hire a professional  SEO company or go it alone?

This article may be met with some skepticism, given it’s a SEO company providing the commentary. However, managing your SEO strategy independently is entirely possible for any business owner as long as the approach is right. Like any other industry though, expertise takes time to attain.

It’s interesting to learn that four in ten SMB’s in Australia don’t have a web presence (according to recent media reports). This suggests that the market for SEO still has plenty of room for growth. There is no reasonable excuse in modern commerce for not having a web presence, with the exception of having a niche market monopoly. However even a dominant market share requires a proactive approach to maintaining longevity.

SEO is not a complex process – certainly not when it comes to getting the basics right. However without the necessary attention to detail in the right areas, it can become difficult to master, which is fine if time is on your side but in an increasingly competitive online landscape, that’s becoming less and less likely for most business owners.

Outsource SEO and get years of experience and dedicated resources

There was a time when self-managed part-time SEO proved successful, often using questionable techniques but Google and SEO has moved on. Quality is more of an issue now, as is competition, so conquering your online space with SEO needs a dedicated resource.

Whether that resource is an in-house employee or an external SEO provider will depend on your expectations and resource capabilities. Many business owners have greater faith in their ability to monitor in-house efforts and that’s fine as long as the resource has the capabilities and expertise to deliver a positive return on investment.

What’s a new employee likely to cost? Plus Super? And when they take holidays or sick days, does your SEO strategy take holidays and sick days, or do you pass it over to someone who doesn’t have the expertise?

Outsourcing SEO cost a fraction of what a new employee costs

Hiring a SEO company will cost you a fraction of the cost of a new employee and if they at transparently on your behalf, delivering regular updates, it’s as good as a new department for your business. This allows you to tap into a wealth of online expertise and experience of what does and doesn’t work – backed by a contractual obligation to deliver results.

Know-how is important but the key thing to remember is user-relevance. Everything within a modern SEO strategy needs to be centred around user-relevance, which is contrary to the traditional approach of trying to impress search engines such as Google first, and your target audience second.

Those old-school techniques used to work and deliver quick wins in terms of rankings and traffic but those days are gone. Google’s assault on low quality in 2011 is ensuring that all techniques that fall outside its webmaster guidelines are likely to suffer.

SEO is a constantly evolving process. What worked last year, won’t work this year in many instances. So to deliver a successful SEO strategy in-house, there is a pressing need to keep abreast of industry developments through blogs such as SEOMoz.org and Google’s own webmaster guidelines and help forums.

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