Overcoming FAILURE

Ever had high hopes for success, only to have it all crumble before your very eyes, as all the eggs you’ve put into one basket splatter all across your feet in a mess of yolk and tears?

Pretty dramatic, but failure can hit us really hard, especially when we have so much invested into achieving our hopes and dreams.

But just as much as success is an opportunity to lift us to new heights, failure can have the same effect. The solution is in our perception and our corresponding actions thereafter.


It’s time to accept

While you’re not going to be smiling or laughing after a failure (unless it’s manically with a solitary tear of pain rolling down your cheek), accepting what has happened is the beginning of the process to recovery.

This allows you to face the facts of what went wrong.

Knowing this is a surefire way of avoiding the same mistakes, making sure that you’re equipping yourself with knowledge that’ll set you back on track the second time around.


Don’t give up

Not just a moving Peter Gabriel song, ensuring success means a mentality of getting back up when you get knocked down.

While failing can be a huge blow to your self-esteem, ensuring that you have a perspective of resilience and perseverance makes all the difference.

Half the battle is in your mind.

If you’ve resolved to continue then you’re halfway there!


Let’s be real

Now that you’ve taken some time to recoup and the emotional stress has dissipated, it’s time to be realistic about your next steps.

With all that you’ve learned from your previous failure, your task at hand is now to assess your next plan of action.

Be realistic about your goal and how you’ll be able to reach it pragmatically.

Creating timelines and mapping out your steps is a great way of organizing your thoughts and ideas for hitting that big goal!


Enjoy the process

While it’s important to focus on the final destination, be sure to enjoy the ride.

Every action taken to learn and equip yourself for the future is a great means of bettering yourself as a person.

Not only that but you will have opportunities to meet people who will impact you personally and who you will enrich with your presence.

Sure you’re ploughing forward to your goal, but why not enjoy the whole process instead of just the end product.


When success comes

Success surely comes to those who pursue excellence, and those who get up after failure will always make it to their goal.

The only way is up!

However, when this does happen, it’s very important to make sure that you give back to the community when you’ve finally “made it”.

Whether it’s through sharing finances of nurturing young talent who are starting up just like you in the past, a true measure of how far you’ve truly come is how to share that success with others.


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