Owning Multiple Domains and SEO

Multiple Domains with 301 redirects have no value in terms of SEO

Google is always trying to improve their services by increasing the quality of information presented to a user when performing a search.  So by simply setting up or buying different domain names and setting up a forward or a 301 redirect from these domains to your website won’t give you SEO value. These domains do not have content of their own to provide to users and as such they have no interest to Google or other search engines.

Building a small website is more beneficial for SEO purposes

A better way to make use of these URL’s is to build out smaller sites that provide content for the search engines to index.  Creating a small 2-3 page website with valuable information about your industry and including your targeted keywords will help these websites to rank in their own right – performing SEO work on them will also help to improve the rankings further.

Creating multiple sites will benefit your business in a number of ways.  Whether people land on your main website or your smaller site – business is coming to you.  So if you have two of your websites ranking on Google first page for a particular key phrase – you will receive more of the traffic available to your business for that key phrase.

If you are interested in the idea of owning smaller, targeted sites for specific areas of your business, speak to one of our friendly business development managers about locally targeted SEO services. ROI specialises in both targeted websites to increase traffic and conversion rates and our talented web design team is very experienced in the design of targeted landing pages and conversion optimisation.

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