What is Off-Page SEO?


The Short Answer: Off-page SEO refers to any strategies used outside of your website. Examples include link building (getting other reputable websites to link to your website), blogging on other sites, getting reviews for your business, local strategies (trying to get your business to show up in Google map results).

Think of off-page SEO as any outreach marketing you do – posting ads in the paper, radio or TV campaigns, flyers in the letterbox etc.

So why is off-page SEO so important?

If you set up a brand new business would you expect everyone that needed your products/services to find you without any marketing? Relying just on in-store marketing can be difficult (think of that in-store marketing as on-page SEO / your website). So how do you get more customers? Invest in marketing that reaches out to a larger audience. If off-page SEO is not an integral part of your digital marketing strategy, you might as well be that 1 store in 100 that’s waiting for the right person to find your business.

What are the top 3 forms of off-page SEO?

  1. 1. Directories and Classifieds – These include sites such as TrueLocal, Yalwa, Gumtree. Just as you would submit ads to a newspaper or Yellow Pages, you’re able to do the same thing with Internet directories and classified ads.

    So can you submit to just any site? The thing to remember is that these sites have to be useful to users and reputable. There are a lot of “SEO directories” with bad reputations. Submitting your site to these directories could be counter-productive. Some directories are like phishing scams that fill your mailbox and mean absolutely nothing – someone will eventually report them and get them shut down.

  2. 2. Places Optimisation – This technically is also its own form of SEO (known as local SEO) however it falls into the larger off-page SEO strategy as it doesn’t require changing your site.

    This off-page strategy helps ensure you can be found within maps (either where your physical business is or your service area) when users are searching for related terms to your business. This is especially useful for anyone that would shop locally or has time sensitive requirements (can’t wait for delivery).

  3. 3. Link Building – This can include directories and classified sites, but covers a much larger strategy that can include:

    • Guest Post Blogging – Similar to if you wrote an article for a local newspaper.
    • Sponsorship Links – If you do any form of sponsorship advertising this also be done online.
    • Relationship Link Exchange – Reaching out to close affiliates or regular customers.

There are quite a few other off-page SEO strategies, but the examples above are commonly used within the digital marketing space.

Find out more about SEO here.

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