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Page Titles and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Whether you are completely new to SEO or an experienced SEO campaigner, paying attention to page title tags and meta descriptions can have a hugely positive impact on your websites performance in search engines.

Title tags and meta descriptions tell internet searchers and search engines what the various pages of your website are about and Google identifies page titles and the description element of meta tags as the fundamental basics to get right in their SEO starter guide. Any Search Engine Optimisation service should include Title tag and Meta description audits as standard practice.

This article will focus on page titles and what they are about and we will follow it up tomorrow with another article explaining what meta descriptions are about.

What are page titles?

Page Title
Your page title tells users what your page is about. From a SEO standpoint, these should be optimised to include relevant keywords. This is done by editing or adding the tag to the HTML document of your page.

This is then visually represented in the search engine results page (SERP) of Google and other search engines as the blue text heading related to your search result. When an internet searcher inputs a search using any word or words included in your title tag, those individual words will appear in bold in the search result. For example if your page title reads:“Luxury Holiday Accommodation in Queensland” and a user searches ‘Luxury accommodation Queensland’ then your page title will display as ‘Luxury Holiday  Accommodation in Queensland” as the search engine highlights the relevance of your listing to the search.

Avoid generic page titles such as “Untitled”, “Homepage”, “New Page” and try to ensure the same page title isn’t used more than once on your site. This helps Google and other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing to determine that the pages are different.

Page titles can be anything up to 70 characters in length (including spaces) – this is valuable internet real estate for your business and it’s important that you take the maximum benefit from this space with title tags that accurately reflect what your page is about.

Use Title Tags correctly for a more effective SEO campaign

Ideally the title tag for your homepage should refer to your brand or business name, perhaps your location and maybe even your main product or service. Internal pages should have page titles relevant to the what that page is about. If, for instance, you own a music store and your products are split into various pages such as pianos, guitars, drums etc. then the page title for each page needs to be specific to that product category.


Melbourne Music Shop – New & Used Pianos – Pianos, Books & Stools

Melbourne Music Shop  – Guitars – Electric, Acoustic Guitars for Sale

Melbourne Music Shop – Drum Kits – Top Brands, Best Prices

Page titles are a very important part of search engine optimisation (SEO), so taking the time to get these right will positively impact on your SEO campaign and give greater strength and credibility to your online presence. E-Commerce, real estate or other large websites may be reluctant to undertake such a task as it may involve updating hundreds or potentially even thousands of pages but doing so will pay off. Many modern web platforms including WordPress allow for automatic creation of search engine friendly page titles.

Google Webmaster Tools will identify Page Title & Meta Tag Errors

Title tags and meta descriptions are just two elements of building a successful online presence. Fixing these issues will put your business on the right track and give you a solid platform on which to build your SEO strategy. Webmaster Tools is a free tool from Google – it’s free because they want you to use it because the more sites that actively follow their guidelines, the better service they deliver to internet searchers.

It’s a good idea to routinely check Google Webmaster Tools for errors in page titles and metas, especially where you regularly add pages to, or edit existing pages on, your website.

If you feel you have addressed these issues but are still not achieving the online success you would like call today on 1300 650 274 and find out how we put your business first!

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