Part 2 – SEO Basics – Understanding what SEO is and what it’s not

#3. SEO is free! I can do it myself!
There remains this misconception that SEO can be picked up overnight by any designer with some already accumulated web programming knowledge or your computer technician can handle it.

Just because SEO is not paid search (SEM) does not mean it is free. SEO and your business

The costs and skills involved with google SEO include an SEO consultant, project manager, a programmer, SEO copywriter, site usability specialist, link building team and Analytics specialist.

Depending on the website, the industry and keywords selected, the SEO objectives and the timeframe, an SEO campaign can cost a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands to implement and monitor on a month to month basis.

#4. Stuffing keywords into your meta tags and into your on-page content is the key to SEO
Many people still think that once they have stuffed their meta tag description full of keywords, this SEO tactic will ultimately assist them in increasing their website’s rankings in the search engines.

Meta tag titles and descriptions are only one aspect of the entire SEO process. There is also a correct way of writing these, something that many ‘do-it-yourself’ folk do not quite realise.

Poorly written content that is stuffed with keywords is not looked upon favourably by the search engines. The search engines’ relevancy algorithms are far more advanced today and favour natural writing that is grammatically correct and topically relevant to the website and page on which it is written.

Google’s goal is to provide quality results in the SERPs. By providing searchers with dribble, loaded with keywords and sentences that make no sense, your website will certainly be dropped to the bottom of the quality pile.

#5. I did SEO once which means my site has been optimised
The search engine is a dynamically changing database of information. Your website, if adhering to recommended online strategies should be too. Logically then, these dynamic elements would require recurring, ongoing and systematic search engine optimisation strategies in order to maximise results.

Behind every successful SEO project lies a team of interactive specialists who focus on link building, web development, competitive analysis, website usability and adhering to search engine friendly practices.

By implementing SEO tactics, once, your website may be reacting to one move by competitors. SEO is like an ongoing game of chess in which you ‘battle’ both the search engines and your competition. You need to pre-empt their positions a few moves in advance and you constantly need to react to their tactics in real-time.

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