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Make your Pay Per Click cost you less

Pay per click advertising is an Internet advertising method used on websites, online networks and search engines. Your business can bid on “keywords” that you think your target audience would type into a search engine if they were looking for the type of product or service that you provide.

For example if your business supplies office furniture you would bid to advertise on a keyword such as “office furniture” or “office chairs”, “ergonomic chairs” etc. Your pay per click advertisements are called “sponsored links” and appear next to or sometimes above the natural results on the search engine.

The leading companies in Australia which offer pay per click advertising are Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing. Yahoo Search Marketing currently manages the pay per click advertising for the nineMSN search results in Australia. So if you advertise with Yahoo Search Marketing your pay per click advertisements would appear in both and nineMSN.

As a general guide your cost per click to advertise in Australia will generally vary between 0.05 cents and $20. The biggest myth regarding pay per click advertising is that Internet users do not click on the sponsored links in the major search engines. This is simply not true. You only need to look at the amazing growth in Google’s revenues to see just how many users are clicking on the sponsored links today.

What are the advantages of pay per click advertising?

If implemented correctly, pay per click advertising can be a cost effective way for your business to reach new customers. The key advantages of a pay per click marketing campaign are as follows:

– Guaranteed instant website traffic
– Can generate instant sales leads/online sales
– Easier to target larger number of key phrases
– Can be very targeted in your approach, eg: time of day, state or city users
– Can be tightly controlled and easily measured

However, pay per click marketing is not just a license to print money. Like any form of marketing you need to work hard to set up your campaign so it will provide your business with a positive ROI.

Below are some points to consider when you are implementing your pay per click advertising campaign:

  • There are no guarantees the extra website traffic will result in sales enquiries
  • The cost per click can be expensive
  • Your advertising costs will increase as competition increases
  • You need to continuously monitor and measure your pay per click advertising

The team at have over 6 years experience in managing pay per click advertising campaigns and we have helped many Australian businesses reduce their paid search marketing expenditure, plus generate 200-300% better returns.

Contact our team for more information about how can help your business with pay per click advertising.

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