What percentage of website traffic should be generated from Search Engines

Most Websites Generate Most of Their Traffic from Search Engines

For most business websites, the majority of traffic flow comes through search engines such as Google. If the majority of your traffic is coming from another source, either direct or through a referral site such as Facebook or a directory such as Yellow Pages, it’s worthwhile investing some time and effort into learning about Google optimisation to boost your website’s performance in search engines.

The word engine is a very apt term for describing Google’s role on the internet. It’s is the predominant driving force of accurate web searches and savvy internet users know it. In Australia, Google accounts for somewhere between 90% and 95% of all website traffic generated through search engines. Worldwide that 90% figure is quite consistent, except in the US where Yahoo and Bing have made a minor dent in Google’s dominance.

The internet is the first port of call for so many activities nowadays – booking a holiday; researching for education and business; job applications; social interaction; shopping; entertainment and much more. Search engines make life more efficient and since the dawn of mobile internet technology, the internet is increasingly at arm’s reach – over 50% of Australian’s used mobile technology to access the internet in 2010.

There are niche search engines – industry specific portals where users can find accurate matches for the search they submit but for the vast majority of web users, Google is the first and often last stop when it comes to searching for something online.

Search engines typically drive between 70%-80% of all web traffic to a newly established website. This figure is a guide and may differ significantly depending on the industry in which you compete, competitive factors and other variables.

Generate More Search Engine Traffic with SEO

If you want more traffic from search engines there are two ways to go about it – pay-per-click and Google search engine optimisation. Pay-per-click is the sponsored links section on Google search results and results on other search engines and they incur a cost every time someone clicks on your listing.

With SEO, search engine traffic can be generated freely if you manage your campaign without hiring a professional company. It’s important to be aware that the maturity of your business will impact how much traffic you get from search engines.
A new website with a strong SEO strategy for an unknown business will generate most of its traffic from search engines whereas a well-established business with a well-known website URL will get a lot of its traffic directly as web users will just input the URL rather than using a search engine to help find it.

Your SEO strategy should include quality onsite content, securing quality links, proactive use of social media and Google Places. It should also involve regular evaluation of your site’s performance using Google Analytics, Google Keywords Tool and any offline customer research you may have in order to provide a best-match for the searches of your target market.

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