Permission To Land: Why Landing Pages

Simply put, landing pages are pages on your website that your visitors “land” on or “arrive” at.

Their very existence is to produce an outcome, whether that’s getting your visitors to provide their email address to you for your marketing purposes or to direct them to a specific area of your website.

Landing pages consequently lead to conversions greater than your website could achieve alone.

Most of the time, they follow your company ads which appear on other pages or obtain users through your email marketing.

No matter the method, your landing page will be the final destination of your client’s journey which you’ve directed them through on your carefully designed “marketing path”.

The point of having these pages is to reduce the activity and time your client spends on your website so that they get exactly what they’re looking for in the shortest time possible (based on your strategy’s purpose).

This will ensure that they won’t drop off your website due to things being too fiddly or time-consuming and this is a must considering the commonplace time-poor lifestyle.

Here are a few examples of landing pages we did for Fernwood Fitness.

Our goal was to target new potential clients who would be searching Google for an all female gym and hook them in with a 14-day trial.


Here’s another one we did for the same company but with a different purpose.

We aimed to keep already existing customers at Fernwood by enticing them with a giveaway.

Rather than linking people who searched on Google to a particular area of the Fernwood website like the previous landing page, here we contacted existing clients through their email addresses which were already on the Fernwood database.


As you can see from the examples above, the need for landing pages is becoming more and more crucial in the user experience process as well as in digital strategy.

Websites can truly reap a harvest of clients if the right landing pages are created to direct their browsing journey.

If you have a particular goal that you wish to achieve with your site, consider how a landing page can benefit your objectives.

Why not ask us here at ROI how we can help you out and we’ll be more than happy to discuss how you can benefit from these sorts of pages!


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