PPC and SEO for an Effective Online Strategy

Many businesses ask the question whether they should focus their budgets on search engine optimisation (organic rankings) or PPC (sponsored listings). Even though often a business will select either SEO or PPC, the truth is that these search engine marketing strategies work very well together. Below are a number of unique instances that SEO and PPC complement one another very well.

What SEO strategies are available at ROI?

1. Launching a New Website – When launching a new website a business should focus both on PPC and SEO, because it is the sponsored listings which will initially drive traffic to the website. In the future, as the website moves up in the organic rankings, the SEO efforts will contribute to that traffic.

2. A Website Redesign – Even when you are just redesigning your website and maintaining the same domain name, you should consider implementing a PPC strategy during the website launch. This is because the search engines will have to re-index the new pages, the old rankings have to be redirected via 301 redirects and any temporary drop in organic rankings can be complemented by some PPC efforts, to maintain traffic levels.

3. Entering New Geographic Markets – If your business is expanding its offering into a new geographic market, it would make sense to set up a geo-targeted PPC strategy in order to first test the market and to ascertain which keywords offer the highest return and should be utilised in the SEO strategy for that market.

4. Company Mergers & Rebranding – When one company is bought out by another one there are a number of web properties that will need to be realigned to the new brand. You will need to develop an SEO transition strategy while some websites may be phased out and others revamped for the company merger. A complemented PPC strategy can be very effective to educate the audience of the merger or changed brand. Sponsored links offer a flexibility that SEO does not have.

5. Developing a Micro Site – When launching a microsite for a targeted niche, it makes sense to use both PPC and SEO. Within the SEO campaign, more long-tail keywords can be utilised to drive the specific niche traffic to the site, while the sponsored links also allow for a targeted traffic strategy.

6. Traffic Begins to Ebb – If you notice that either your SEO or PPC strategy is losing some steam, this may mean that there will be further diminishing returns on the efforts made with one strategy. If there is a plateau in traffic it may be time to invest in PPC if you have not done so, or vice versa, enter the SEO game to boost traffic levels.

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