Which Technique Is Best

It is difficult to find a clear winner between SEO and Pay Per Click Adwords. Both have their own unique strengths, costs and challenges.

The Benefits & Disadvantages of SEO

SEO focuses on improving organisations organic/natural results listings in Google through on page website improvements including internal links, content and site structure as well as off page link building. These actions are all done in an attempt to improve a website position in search engine result listings. If one has a strong working knowledge of SEO this can be quite an inexpensive way to improve a companies online presence but for most it requires those with more specialised and stronger working knowledge of online marketing in order to do so and this creates cost.

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The benefits and disadvantages of PPC

PPC or Adwords in comparison focuses on improving an organisations paid listings on search engine results listings. PPC focuses on creating relevant and eye catching ads to be displayed on the Google network in order to target consumers when they are in the buying stage of the product life cycle. Adwords is online advertising and unlike SEO there is a guaranteed cost that must be paid whether you are doing the work yourself or having Adwords specialists do it for you. Though if undertaken effectively the cost can be quite minimal.

What makes the techniques similar ?

As described above both have unique differences to their approach to online marketing, however they also both have similarities.

Both focus on improving a companies online presence and make the company more visible online, both try to target consumers at similar stages of the buying cycle, both face strong competition from other online companies and usually both incur some kind of cost.

What makes the techniques different?

The best way I believe they can both be distinguished in terms of which is better is in terms of time to see ROI. To explain when undertaking SEO it can take a significant amount of time between when work is conducted and when actual improvements in a companies online presence can be seen. So though SEO is very relevant for a company to improve their online presence it is not a quick solution for a company it takes investment of time and effort to be effective. So a marathon not a sprint so to speak.

Adwords however you can see ROI relatively quickly from your efforts if done correctly. You can create and put live an Adwords campaign and within a day you could already be receiving results from web users clicking on your ad and taking advantage of your products and services being advertised. So you receive a much faster result from PPC than from SEO (however that does not mean that SEO is not important).

So to conclude SEO and PPC have similarities and also some unique differences but it is important to note both are equally valuable to improve a companies online presence.

Disclaimer: This article was produced as part of a learning initiative for our graduate program. The tips and facts presented are not necessarily shared by roi.com.au

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