Why you need a landing page

by: Cohen Lewis 2.8 min read

Did you know that if you are a business owner with ads directing people to your website’s home page, you could be missing out on a big opportunity in growing your business? Directing users to a tailor-made landing page could increase your website’s conversion rate by 28% by removing a navigation bar alone (Hubspot)

The key objective of a landing page is to turn users into leads. The three main reasons why linking your ads to a landing page, rather than your home page, is the best way to achieve this:


  1. A landing page gains a users undivided attention,
  2. The page can covey a laser-focused message – free of navigational distractions, and
  3. This in turn converts that attention into a lead

You’re probably asking “Why do I need a landing page when I’ve already got a perfectly on-brand home page?” A fair question and an easy comparison between the digital marketing space and the physical world in this instance is traffic.

Imagine your prospective customer’s journey as a short drive in beautiful Paris. They have started their journey on the Champs-Elysees and you want them to meet you for coffee and a croissant in a brand new suburb called Lead-Town, just on the other side of the Arc De Triomphe.

The user enters the Arc De Triomphe by clicking on your ad.

The huge roundabout is chaotic with its seven un-marked lanes of traffic going in every direction. Buses and mopeds are zooming all around. This is what arriving at a website is like. Sure, they are visiting your website not your competitors, but they still must cut through the general messaging of your home page with their attention being pulled in multiple directions with buttons, links and images. You’re not sure they will ever make it to your cafe on the other side or take a wrong turn and get distracted or decide it’s not worth the effort.

Now imagine the user clicks on the ad and are taken straight to a tailor-made landing page. A landing page aims for a 1-to-1 attention ratio. An attention ratio is “the number of things you can do on a given page to the number of things you should do.” (Unbounce) The chaotic roundabout disappears behind an entrance to a one-way tunnel that rises out of the ground and guides you directly to Lead Town. Along the way there are informative signs that match the ad you clicked on, telling you everything you need to know along the way. You get to the end of the tunnel, pop up at the Cafe in Lead-Town and buy a coffee and croissant.

The information on the tunnel signs is suffice for coffee and croissant (this can become a lead to sign-up for an info pack, or a free giveaway.) But if your product or service is expensive, or requires more commitment from a customer, like an expensive bottle of French champagne, you might need an informed waiter there to give all the information in more detail. (Long copy works well for building trust with customers)

If you would like to grow your business by harnessing the attention of prospective customers, convey a laser-focussed message about your business and convert the users attention into a lead, then a landing page is the best solution for you.

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