Quality Content Key To Online Success in 2011

Quality Content Is High On Google’s Radar in 2011

The hot topic in online circles at present is quality content. Content is at or very near top of Google’s agenda in 2011 and recent changes to its algorithm are focused on rewarding high quality websites and penalising websites that produce low quality, irrelevant or scraped content.

Recent media reports in Australia suggest that media companies are amongst those who will suffer as a result of the changes coming as a result of what has been labelled the ‘Panda’ algorithm.

Google has acknowledged a spike in requests for guidelines from online media publishers and their recommendations on website content are relatively simple – focus on satisfying the end user rather than trying to second guess a complex mathematical formula.

The Demand For ‘Farmed’ Content Has Dwindled Considerably

Due to algorithm changes, the demand for ‘farmed’ content online has also diminished as website owners and bloggers have been forced to make the move to quality website content.

If you want to avoid penalties with your website or blog focus on improving the overall usability of your site. This isn’t just a case of improving the way words are written on the page. Improving website content is a holistic process – and a rewarding one if handled correctly. Look at your website objectively, or get a neutral observer to critique your website. If you review your site independently, compare it to your favourite site – how does it compare?

Questions you need to ask yourself:

Is your website more than 3-4 years old? If the answer is yes, you will need to delve a little deeper and examine how it compares to others in your industry. Old (at least in web terms) isn’t always bad but it should set alarm bells ringing at least.

How often do you update content? Firstly, updating for the sake of it is virtually worthless in most instances. Your site should deliver something informative to users and regular updates can be very positive.

Is your site easy to navigate? Can users find what they are looking for quickly and easily. This should be fundamental to your SEO and PPC strategies but even from a pure usability point of view if a website is poorly structured and hard to navigate, impatient web users won’t stick around too long.

Providing A Better User Experience Is The Key To Quality Content

What classifies as a better user experience will differ from website to website. For bloggers, supplying quality information and links to quality sites is generally helpful for users and prompts return visits; for E-Commerce sites, a secure, easy-to-use site with safe transactions and successful order fulfillment is a mark of quality; for industry-specific sites, being a trusted source of quality, authoritative information can be the distinguishing factor.

The point to this is that there is no single approach to fixing websites that might fall outside Google’s quality guidelines. For some it will be a stark realization when rankings start to drop. For those that follow Google’s guidelines, there is likely to be a rankings reward for doing so.

Content Improvement Is For Everyone, not just low quality sites

Whether you fall inside or outside Google’s quality expectations, improving content is vital to your future online. Contact roi.com.au today to find out how we can add quality to your online presence and get you ranking consistently on Google’s first page with our professional copywriting services and other forms of search engine optimisation.

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