Ranking on Other Search Engines with SEO

Q. Will my Google optimization help me rank on other search engines?

A. Optimising for Google will help you rank on other search engines but only to a certain extent. Each search engine have their own defined algorithm in which they check keyword relevancy when they are doing their site crawling.

For example, meta keywords may not really have much of an impact when optimising for Google but it is very important for Yahoo. Yahoo also have their own directory in which users can submit to, which may achieve some credibility from Yahoo and therefore help with your rankings in this search engine. When looking at Bing, if there are over two or three keywords being targeted on a single page you may not get your desired ranking result. Bing is also very strict when it comes to unique meta tags and descriptions on a website.

So basically, as stated above each search engine have their own algorithm and will rank you according to their own criteria. One can optimize their website to work well with multiple search engines, however this will take quite a lot of time and effort and other search engines are used nowhere near as much as google.

If you have tracking data on your website like Google Analytics you will be able to see every visit coming into your website and what search engine is generating those visits for you. When observing this data, you will notice that Google brings about 80 of the search engine traffic you recieve to your website as reflected by their current market share.

Google is the most popular search engine worldwide so therefore it is best to focus on Google Optimisation – your rankings in other search engines should also improve due to what work you are completing for Google. The algorithms are different but have many common areas in their algorithms.

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