Complaints and Questions # 2: My Content doesn’t talk enough about my business

What you need to know when reviewing the SEO content we provide

One of the most crucial parts in setting up an SEO campaign is the introduction of targeted keywords. Finding a list of relevant terms that users regularly search is what helps us to drive viable traffic to your website and is the basis of a great deal of the work we do.

However to get the most out of the list of keywords we decide on for a client’s campaign it is important for those terms to be implemented on page. In explained in a simple manner – your keywords must be in your content. There is often a disconnect in this area of SEO and what generates it is the gap between what the highest volume search terms are and what using those terms will reflect on your business.

Cheap or affordable?

There is no more definitive example of this problem than cheap vs. affordable. A commonly experienced problem with clients is an agreed upon list of keywords that include several high traffic terms such as ‘cheap shower screens melbourne’, and the content is written. However when reviewed the way the use of the word cheap affects the content makes a product sound low quality so every instance of the word ‘cheap’ is changed euphemistically to ‘affordable’.

The problem: Your website will simply not rank for those search terms if the language does not exist on the site. You will get no traffic from one of your targeted keywords and we will fail to live up to our rankings promise.

What needs to happen:

This is not an unsolvable problem. At ROI we understand that the image your business projects to the world is always your most important consideration. One of two things needs to happen:

  1. 1. The keywords are allowed to be integrated into the on page content.
  2. 2. The keywords are swapped out of the page for more aligned terms.

There are areas of grey but with highly competitive keywords it is almost always necessary for us to have the freedom of using the terms in prominent, SEO rich elements of your webpage.

It must be noted that it is often the case that having keywords tightly aligned with your business is also better for driving quality traffic to your site. Although ‘cheap shower screens melbourne’ may drive higher volumes of traffic to your site, if it does not truly reflect what you sell then the customers that find you are less likely to buy than those that search terms more appropriate to your products or business practices.

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