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So you’ve just been surfing the web, browsing for what might just be your next pair of shoes, your next car, or even bigger, your next home!

Without making a final decision, you decide to leave the website with the possibility of returning sometime in the future.

For a business, the likelihood of a return visit and ultimately a sale is actually slim to none. This is where remarketing comes into the picture.

Remarketing Overview

Simply put, remarketing is advertising to users that have already been to your website.

This can be through either the Google display network, or the search network.

Although it is a very powerful channel of advertising, the sheer capability and effectiveness of remarketing has been overlooked by many.

Those who are willing to invest have reported allocating up to 50% of their marketing budget to remarketing alone.


The Power and Capabilities of Remarketing

Instinctive reaction would be to wonder exactly what remarketing can do for your business. To better understand this, let’s go through some examples of how remarketing can be used:

  • Imagine that you are a real estate agency trying to sell houses. You have a number of properties that are hot on the market. So, any visitors to your “buying” pages would be considered relevant if in the right geographical area. However, anyone trying to sell their house or rent may not be the best audience. With remarketing, you can display visual advertisements of these properties to only those who have visited the right pages. The end result is then better ads to the right audience, and more likelihood of attendance at auction.

Small house on computer

  • Now, imagine you run an online store selling female shoes. Your potential customer has found a pair in the right size and colour and added it to their checkout cart. But for some reason, they decided against the purchase and ultimately exited your website without buying. Using remarketing, you can segment your audience into those visitors who have been to the checkout section of your website, but not made a purchase. Then, you can tailor ads with messages and offers such as “you left items in your cart, come back and get $10 off.” The success rate of these cart abandonment campaigns can achieve upwards of 25%+ conversion rate.

Major brands logos

  • Finally, let’s imagine you run an online store again, and are about to put some major brands on sale. Using remarketing, you can target visitors to brand specific pages and talk to each of them individually. “Brand X now up to 50% off, limited time only” is a strong message that could be used to entice a return visit.

Add to cart key

These examples are only a small selection of what can be achieved in the realm of remarketing. By using tailored strategies for groups of users, businesses can achieve brand awareness, recognition, recall, and ultimately purchase.


The Reach of Remarketing

So how many people can a business actually reach using remarketing? How many times can an advertisement be shown?

The answer to these questions ultimately depends on how many visitors a business gets to their website, and how long they want to remarket to visitors for.

Consider the below table which compares a medium sized website to a large one:

Visitors per Month Remarketing Impressions
30,000 500,000 – 5,000,000
180,000 3,000,000 – 30,000,000


So for any small to medium sized website, remarketing has the ability to show your advertisements well into the millions of impressions per month!


The Cost of Remarketing

We’ve gone through the capabilities of remarketing as an advertising channel.

But as a business, a major decision factor is the cost of running remarketing.

At the end of the day, if you can’t afford it, you can’t have it.

Luckily though remarketing can actually be much more cost effective than traditional marketing methods.

Most of our clients at run at approximately $1.50 per thousand impressions.

Simply put, this means that for your ad to be shown 1,000 times across the net, the grand total cost is around $1.50

Expanding these figures – 3,000,000 impressions would cost around $4,500-$5,000.

Using a more traditional channel – television advertising – three million impressions could cost upwards of $50,000 and more (depending on when the ads are broadcast)

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