REPORT: 64% of Australian businesses don’t have websites

Research conducted by business & accounting firm MYOB has revealed that 64% of small to medium Australian businesses currently operate without a website.

What’s more, those who are up and running online have shown to enjoy more sales and growth as a result.

Just 25% of SMEs utilise social media to market their company online, an alarming statistic considering Australian’s increasing use of social media to interact with businesses.

I’m a small business, why do I need a website?

Word-of-mouth just doesn’t cut it anymore

Even though the internet has been a major part of our lives for more than a decade, notions of the past still reign true. Many businesses developed in a time where word-of-mouth and referrals ensured their business remained in the black.Business Website

Take that same approach today and your business will flounder.

Having a website enables you to market your products before people come into store to buy. Nielsen’s 2012 Australian Internet Usage study outlines that 83% of Australian’s researched products/services online last year, with 1 in 3 saying they did it on a regular basis.

If you don’t have a website, your target audience won’t know you exist.

It will be the best salesman you’ll ever have

Aside from product searches, people also use websites to get to know your brand. If you are still committed to the word-of-mouth approach, having a website will ensure people have a reference point when getting to know your company. Anyone that is handed your business card or referred by a current client will head to your website first to learn more about what you stand for.

The other great part about a website is its work ethic. Your website is in operation 24/7, meaning that day or night you’ll have someone working to get you more leads and sales.

Even your best salesman can’t match that type of commitment.

OK, I’m sold on having a website – what do I do now?

A good website takes a solid investment not just in web design but also digital marketing.

Web design and digital marketing aren’t separate entities – they should be intertwined from the get-go. Both rely heavily on each other for success, and therefore should be planned with the same timeframes and goals in mind.

Conversion optimisation should be a focus if you are looking to create a business website. It’s all well and good for the site to look nice, but if it isn’t set-up to convert, there’s no point having it. Your business’ website should be designed to generate leads, enquiries, downloads etc., not just to show your logo off.

Combine your new conversion-orientated, business website with digital marketing services and you’ve got a recipe for success. Both SEO and PPC campaigns are a smart idea to implement somewhere in your overall campaign as they will drive different types of traffic to your new business website. The results will then speak for themselves.

Digital marketing and website design in one – that’s’s bread and butter

Our SEO, PPC and website design teams are all in the one office, making it easy for us to co-ordinate the creation and marketing of your business’ new website. From initial conception through to future growth, our team is here to work with you every step of the way. Contact us today to find out more.


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