Responsive Design & Why Your Site Needs It

With an array of terms describing every type of web design trend making the rounds these days, one of the most important is responsive design.

Clearly, internet users aren’t restricted to just using desktops anymore.

The internet can be accessed by tablets, kindles, netbooks, televisions, phones and even that includes a plethora of brands and phone types (wow, thank you ROI for this obvious information that I clearly had no idea about, you have truly enhanced my life with this wisdom).

With this in mind you’ll need to make sure that your website can be accessed on as many platforms as possible to avoid visitors on your page from dropping off.

That’s where responsive design comes in.

Responsive web design aims to respond to user behaviours based on their specific platform, how they hold or use their phone (orientation) aswell as their screen size.

Design of the website will then be done on a flexible grid/ layout which will then change to suit each platform the website is accessed on.

This is achieved through clever technology which responds to the user’s preferences, rather than having a website version made up for each platform that exists (which would need to be constantly customized with every new platform that comes out).

The trick is in the flexibility of the website.

Every component is adjustable with layouts that don’t “break”, no matter the orientation of the platform.

Text usually will stay together (although it may look slightly squished in certain circumstances) and images resize themselves to fit your screen without pixelating even if expanded.

You can customize which elements you want to stay together no matter the platform and which items can be more fluid and swap location.

Pretty cool aye?

This is something crucial to keep in mind.

With attention spans lowering and millennials showing great impatience for technology that seems dated (or just inconvenient to them), neglecting responsive design for your website runs the risk of you losing a huge majority of your clients early on in their exploration of your website.

This is detrimental to any business, whether you’re an e-commerce platform that’s trying to get customers to reach the final payment button on their shopping cart, or a tradie trying to get someone to click the call icon on their page for a quote.

If your potential clients are inundated with information sized for a website on their tiny phone screen, they’re going to go to your competitor who has their digital shizz together with a more responsive site.

Here’s an example of some of ROI’s work for a client who needed a responsive website.





This is a crucial facet of every modern website in today’s digital age. Be sure to talk to your web developer about how it can be applied to your website, or give us a call to see how we can help your website reach its full potential.


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