Complaints and Questions # 3: My Keywords Aren’t Relevant to My Business

How to ensure the keywords we identify for your campaign match your business operations

Keywords are a fundamental element of any successful SEO campaign. When you first sign up with, your allocated account manager will research the highest searched keywords relevant to your industry and nominate them for your campaign. As a client, it is then your turn to review and approve/amend the selected list of keywords.

Sounds simple, right? Unfortunately, a lot of the time the keywords that are selected and agreed upon are not always the best keywords for your niche business. This is not to say the account manager was wrong in their selection, nor that the client was wrong in their review; however the gap exists nonetheless.

So, how do we fill this gap or how do we avoid encountering this gap in the first place? The key here is thorough client intelligence research.

Step 1: Client intelligence – initial sales

This should initially be undertaken by your sales person. While it will not be as in depth an investigation as what your account manager will conduct, the sales people will speak at length with you regarding the details of your business, your operations, your customer base/clientele, and overall goals of your SEO campaign.

This will then be communicated with your account manager so they have a solid background on your business before making their initial contact with you.

Step 2: Client intelligence – account management

Once an account manager has been allocated your account, they will contact you to discuss your goals, sights, and ambitions within the online realm. Why have you chosen internet or digital marketing? What do you already do as part of your company marketing strategy? These are imperative questions so we can get an understanding of what it is you’re currently doing in order to grow your business.

Your account manager will then begin their leg of client intelligence, and while it may feel a bit repetitive, it is also imperative. Account managers will already have a background in your business from the sales person, so will dig deeper and ask more comprehensive questions about your target audience, your niche areas, the types of leads you’re looking for etc. From this discussion, your account manager will then strategize with an SEO Specialist to determine the best keywords list for your campaign.

What happens if the keywords get approved but still don’t match my business?

With the comprehensive client intelligent procedures in place it is now rare that this will happen, however, it is not impossible. If you find a group of keywords are included in your campaign that do not match your business, your industry, or your goals, inform your account manager immediately and they will work through the list with an SEO Specialist to identify the error and replace the keywords with more relevant ones.

It is important to use keywords with a high search volume, even if you do run a very niche business. However, all keywords should match your business/industry and should not be used simply because of their high search volume, rather in conjunction with it.

If you’re experiencing problems with irrelevant search on your website, call the experts at today and speak to an experienced account manager who will transform the way your website is optimised!

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