Customer Complaints & Questions #10 – Enterprise SEO

”I’m a small business. Do you just focus on the big guys or is there something for us?”

We recently completed an article on Enterprise SEO, talking about how we service top tier companies. As a result, we thought it was only right to explain how we work with smaller businesses.

Like our Enterprise team, also has a Small Business team set-up to specifically service companies that are new to digital marketing and want to make a small investment to see what it is all about.

How does the Small Business team operate?

The small business team is made up of a team manager, account managers, PPC specialists, customer service reps, content writers and link builders.

Their clients are primarily those who are getting into digital marketing for the first time and are only looking at a small keyword focus. We’ve found that, being new to SEO, many of these businesses have a lot of questions that require time to explain. That’s why we have customer service reps in the Small Business team to ensure the contact lines remain as open as possible.

For many clients, the Small Business team is where they start out before progressing on to higher levels of service. That is why we take particular focus to ensure our Small Business team is filled with some of our most experienced employees. We want the start to be a smooth experience, and our Small Business team does a great job of ensuring that is exactly what happens.

If you’re a small business looking to invest some of your hard earned finances into online marketing, has the team ready and waiting to assist you. With us, you won’t just be another number that gets overlooked for bigger business – you’re a part of our small business family! Enquire today.

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