Customer Complaints & Questions #4 – Ranking New Websites

“I have a brand new website and want some quick results – now!”

 We hear you! We don’t call ourselves Return On Investment for nothing, and will get to work to ensure your new website begins generating traffic as soon as possible.

 Before we start though, you need to understand that new websites are a little harder to get onto the first page organically (the results under the yellow coloured boxes) than established websites.

 A number of factors contribute to this, not limited to:

  • Google has been crawling older websites for longer and has a familiarity with them that it doesn’t have with your new URL
  • The link profile of your new site isn’t as strong as competitor sites (don’t worry we’ll get to work on this one straight away!)
  • Your site hasn’t had any SEO work (yet!)

DON’T PANIC! This doesn’t mean that we can’t start generating traffic for your website via other means

 The first and quickest way to start generating traffic is through Pay Per Click advertising. Essentially, you a pay a varying amount for each click that comes to your website. You set limits to what you pay so it doesn’t get out of control. We also can assist some clients by providing free Google Adwords vouchers (ask our Business Development team). Learn more about Google Adwords and PPC here.

 The other method to quick traffic is Local SEO. You’d know that as the map results in the search pages. Our team can set you up a local page that will begin generating traffic after just a month or so. It’s a great way of showing people your physical address and main selling points. Learn more about Local SEO here.

 If you would like to learn more about traffic for new websites, contact our business development team on 1300 650 274.

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