Customer Complaints & Questions #5 – Google Local

“I can’t see my Google Local pin on the map – where is it?

If you are undertaking Google Local services with us, you will no doubt be regularly checking to see if your local pin is showing up on the first page in your favourite keyword searches.

 If you do not see you Google Local listing or pin on the map, there can be a number of reasons why.

3 ways to improve your Google Local listing

Google Local listing strength comes from reviews, a complete profile and strong local citations across the web. Let’s go through these each individually.

 Reviews: It’s been found that if your customers are leaving a lot of reviews on your Google Local page (preferably positive!) then Google is more likely to push you up the Local rankings. Asking customers to talk about their experiences (without forcing them) is a positive way to improve your Local listing.

 Complete Profile: This doesn’t just mean business name, address and operating hours. Everyone does that. Go beyond and put up photos, videos, types of credit cards you accept, a full description of your company, nearby parking – all those little juicy details that can be very beneficial to customers.

 Local Citations: This is the toughest point for our clients to understand, as it’s a bit tech savvy. Local citations refer to mentions of your company name around the web. Google doesn’t just look at it’s own Local listings – it also takes into account Yellow Pages, Whereis and another reputable online profilers. The more your company and location is mentioned on the web, the better off you will be. However, remember to make sure your business name and address are uniform across every website. Otherwise, you’re just confusing everyone!

 Remember, Google wants to send searchers to an informative page – not a photo of your reception area with a few minor details! Get in-depth!

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